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Jamaica Rum - New Yarmouth 1994 

Tasting Notes:

It has an exquisite deep golden amber color, with pronounced notes of brown sugar, toasted coconut, rich fruitcake, and grilled pineapple on the nose. When you let the glass breathe more tropical fruit, nori seaweed and bold woody notes of oak and mahogany appear.
The palate presents itself with a rich and oily mouthfeel. Pronounced notes of dark caramel, iodine, charred pineapple, prune jam are complimented by an oaky herbal bitterness.
The finish is long and complex with layers of caramelized sweet notes, a treacly fruitiness, and earthy spice. The balance of aromas and the rich texture makes this a truly outstanding spirit.


History of the Cask:

An exceptional Rum distilled at one of Jamaica's most iconic estates, the New Yarmouth Distillery. After distillation in 1994 this truly unique Rum aged for 24 years in the tropical climate of Jamaica. This long tropical aging time has given the Rum its deep woody character. In 2018 the cask traveled the Atlantic Ocean towards the United Kingdom for an additional 3 years maturation in the historic docks of Liverpool.


- Distillery: New Yarmouth Estate

- Distillation year: 1994

- Bottled in: 2022

- Age: 27 years

- Type of cask: American white oak

- Distillation: column still

- Base material: molasses

- Strength: 60.3% alc.

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