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The Royal Cane Cask Company is dedicated to search the world for ultra rare and old casks that remain from past times. Each Rum we release is limited to one cask.

A cask with its own history, its own identity and its own style.


Rum is distilled on every continent in the world. In some countries Rum distillation started centuries ago. Every distillery is unique, with their own distillation- and ageing techniques. It is our mission to find casks from a wide range of different distilleries, which represents the historic diversity that Rum has to offer.  

The Origins

Every Rum origin has its own style and traditions when it comes to Rum making; there are difference in the choice of  the base material, fermentation techniques, distillation methods, ageing climates, wooden casks  types and so on. As a result, we are spoiled with a huge variety of Rums available today. 

The Rum World

Rum is one the most diverse and historic spirits in the world. There is no other distillate which is produced and aged in so many different countries around the globe. Rum is produced on every continent, from Jamaica to Japan, from Australia to Venezuela and from South Africa to the United States. 


The Royal Cane Cask Company searches the world for unique Rum Casks, of which we can fully trace the history of that specific cask. Aging Rum can be done in many different ways. Some aspects with most influence on the taste of the Rum are the type of wood in which the Rum has aged and the climate where the cask has aged. 

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