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Guadeloupe Rum - Bellevue 1998
Royal Cane Guadeloupe 1998.jpg

Tasting Notes:

This rum has a deep dark amber hue with aromas of orange marmalade, stewed pears, and charred oak. A buttery texture on the palate reveals more wood influence and jammy citrus notes, along with hints of orange blossom, molasses, and a wisp of smoke


History of the Cask:
A very unique French Style Rum from Guadeloupe. It is distilled from molasses, and not from juice as one could expect.
The Rum was distilled in 1998 after which it was filled into cask at the distillery for 7 years of tropical ageing. In 2005 the cask traveled the Atlantic Ocean towards the United Kingdom for further maturation in the historic docks of Liverpool.


- Distillery: Bellevue Le Moule

- Distillation year: 1998

- Bottled in: 2022

- Age: 24 years

- Type of cask: American white oak

- Distillation: column still

- Base material: molasses

- Strength: 51.5% alc.

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