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Fiji Rum - S.P.D. 2004
Royal Cane Fiji 2004.jpg

Tasting Notes:

A light golden color in the glass with sweet, yet funk notes of toffee, vanilla, mango lassi, and a green piney note. The creamy texture enhances the flavors of salted caramel and milk chocolate. The funky mango joins in mid-palate, while the finish gets gradually spicier with hints of ginger, cinnamon & white pepper.


History of the Cask:

A truly unique pot still Rum from from a truly beautiful island: Fiji in the South Pacific Ocean. After distillation in 2004, the Rum travelled to the Philippines for 12 years tropical maturation until 2016. In 2016 the cask traveled to the United Kingdom for further maturation in the historic docks of Liverpool.


- Distillery: South Pacific Distillers

- Distillation year: 2004

- Bottled in: 2022

- Age: 18 years

- Type of cask: American white oak

- Distillation: pot still

- Base material: molasses

- Strength: 60.2% alc.

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