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Jamaica Rum - Clarendon 1999 
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This Rum will only be available in the US. 

Tasting Notes:
A warm floral palate combined with deep oaky flavors. It has its typical Jamaican estery notes, which were rounded off during the long tropical ageing process, resulting in a gentle Rum with lots of character. 


History of the Cask:
A very unique and rare cask, literally the last of its kind available in the world, with a very limited number of bottles, just 112 in total. The cask aged for 19 years in the tropical climate of Jamaica, where the evaporation is very high due to the heat. This long tropical aging time has given the Rum its deep woody character. In 2018 the cask traveled the Atlantic Ocean towards the United Kingdom for an additional 4 years maturation in the historic docks of Liverpool.


- Distillery: Clarendon Distillers

- Distillation year: 1999

- Bottled in: 2022

- Age: 23 years

- Type of cask: American white oak

- Distillation: pot still

- Base material: molasses

- Strength: 51.0% alc.

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